4 weeks in the Shanghai studio

A few weeks back I returned from a four week period working over in the IDC Shanghai studio. I’ve been over to China a few times now but this was the longest trip to date – and it rained… a lot. This time, I also made trips out to Guangzhou and Wuhan. A few photographs below from the trip:


Shanghai Tower disappearing into the clouds. Second tallest building in the world.

Bamboo scaffolding near Xizang Nan Lu.

1933 Old Millfun. An old slaughterhouse turned into shops and restaurants.

Downtown Guangzhou.

Bullfrog, lotus root and eel skins.

Ping Pong near Shanghai Stadium.

Pull-up bars near Jumen Lu.

Catching the Maglev back to the airport. Fastest train in the world (430km/h).

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