Nick Chubb

Nick currently lives in London and is a Senior Industrial Designer at Therefore – a leading product design consultancy focusing on consumer tech products for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to small tech start-ups and individual investors. Prior to this, Nick worked in various roles designing consumer products and medical devices for a number of premium global brands and design agencies. He was selected by Develop3D as one of the Top 5 New Designers in the UK and graduated with a 1st Class Masters Degree in Product Design. Nick is an avid reader and has long been mentored in business and marketing by business coach, author and speaker; James Ashford. Nick is a demon at Ping Pong, enjoys the outdoors, and also performs Close-Up Magic. To see Nick’s experience in more detail, view his Resumé or visit his LinkedIn profile.

Helping brands and businesses to increase sales and improve profits, while simultaneously improving the quality of people’s lives.

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Nick is well-versed in the following tools, and before now has provided internal training in the businesses he has worked for – as well as Sixth Form Colleges and Universities. If this appeals to you, get in touch.

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