Portfolio Improvement Program

Take your industrial design portfolio to the next level and massively increase the amount of interviews you land, with the design consultancies and brands you love most. Tried and tested methods for creating a design portfolio that makes impact and gets results. The One-To-One Portfolio Improvement Program takes the following steps:

Portfolio Improvement Program

01 Map & Explore

Jump on a Discovery Call to identify and discuss:

  • Long term goals
  • Current position
  • Ultimate place of work
  • Previous interviews
  • Type of designer

Followed by mock application to Nick including:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Design portfolio

In this phase, Nick will digest the above and review the portfolio in isolation.

02 Feedback

A 1 Hour video call to discuss Nick’s thoughts, ideas and modifications. In this call, both you and Nick will have the portfolio at hand so that aspects can be discussed in more detail.

03 Implement

In this phase, you will weigh up which changes you plan on making to your portfolio, interpret the feedback and put into action.

04 Follow-Up

As part of the program, you have the opportunity to jump on another short call with Nick to present the updated portfolio and gain a second round of feedback. This is where the program comes to completion.

Why is it a great investment?

As well as reviewing thousands of design portfolios over the years while hiring designers and engineers, Nick has received direct advice on his own portfolio from individuals at the likes of Fuseproject, Ziba, Seymourpowell, IDEO, Google and Nike, and has a decade of industrial design experience working on many projects with world-leading brands. There are common threads that exist in the opinions of these experienced professionals, and it’s this insight plus Nick’s own experiences interviewing many designers, that make this program so impactful and valuable to young, aspiring Industrial Designers.

In the case that Nick has connections to the brands or agencies you wish to work with the most (and your portfolio is deemed worthy), introductions can also be made.


The total cost of Nick’s One-To-One Portfolio Improvement Program is $125 / £95.

If you wish to contact Nick about getting your portfolio reviewed, email nickchubb@outlook.com

Split the cost?

Two-To-One Portfolio Improvement Program

If cost is a concern and you have a friend or other designer in your network that is interested in taking their portfolio to the next level to increase the likelihood of landing a job, Nick’s Two-to-One Portfolio Improvement Program allows you to buddy up and split the cost. It works in the exact same way as the One-to-One program, but you’ll both be on each call. The advice is shared between the two of you, and the feedback is more personalised than reading a book or watching a video. To get in touch, email nickchubb@outlook.com

About Nick

portfolio improvement programNick Chubb designs consumer products, electronics and medical devices for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 multinationals to cutting edge tech start-ups and individual investors. He is the Lead Industrial Designer at IDC, a leading product design consultancy in the UK. Nick has a 1st Class Masters Degree in Product Design, was selected by Develop3D as one of the Top 5 New Designers in the UK and also acts as an Advisor on Industrial Design with Arts Thread.

Further reading

Books, audio programs and YouTube videos are unable to completely understand the long term goals of the individual designer, and therefore can’t give strong advice one way or another. This is what makes the One-To-One program so valuable. However, here’s a few places to start:

Breaking In: Product Design

This is a great book written by industrial designer Amina Horozic. She interviewed 100 of the top Design Directors in the world and asked them all the same questions regarding what they look for in a designer and their portfolio. You can buy it HERE.


You can also get some portfolio tips from another one of Nick’s talks HERE, and also more advice from Nick’s appearance on the Arrest All Mimics Podcast HERE, discussing the modern portfolio with illustrator Ben Tallon.


The advice from Nick’s One-to-One ortfolio Improvement Program was invaluable. His experience and professional opinion made me reshape my entire portfolio from a whole new perspective and has led to me landing a contract Industrial Design role at Amazon in Seattle.

Weihua Ge

Since the portfolio review with Nick and putting his advice into action I got a lot more calls for job interviews, leading to me landing a design role at U Brands which I love! Critiques can be hard to take from people you may not know very well but thanks Nick for being honest, friendly and keeping it stress free.

Nik Miclette

Get in touch

If you’re keen to take your industrial design portfolio to the next level and start landing more interviews with the agencies and brands you love most – drop an email to nickchubb@outlook.com